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Low Vision Devices

Kathryn T. McCarty Adaptive Technology Center

Most people with low vision can become more visually independent if they use low vision aids and devices, as well as learn new methods to perform everyday tasks. You will be assisted by a dedicated team who will evaluate vision and prepare a customized plan designed to increase independence and improve your quality of life.

The University Eye Center's Kathryn T. McCarty Adaptive Technology Center has a wide array of devices and the latest innovative technologies for the blind and visually impaired. This includes technology for the home, school and workplace, or to use on the go, including:

  • Handheld video magnifiers
  • Desktop video magnifiers (closed-circuit TVs)
  • The latest tablet and smartphone technology
  • Adaptive computer hardware and software
  • Optical character recognition technology
  • Voice-In/Voice-Out technology, including the latest in computerized glasses