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Prosthetic Eye Service

At the University Eye Center, we evaluate patients of all ages for prosthetic eyes, shells and contact lenses. We provide consultation services to our patients prior to the prosthetic fitting.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve a near identical match to their good eye, whether that is a prosthetic eye, shell or soft contact lens.

Our Services

In our prosthetic service, we will evaluate and make recommendations for the prosthetic device best suited for your needs.

  • We color match the prosthetic eye/shell and soft contact lens to your good eye
  • We fit the prosthetic eye/shell to ensure that your eye socket health is maintained
  • We have an on-site laboratory where we can make in office adjustments and we provide prosthetic eye and shell polishing services
  • We recommend a routine polish of your prosthetic eye every six months and a full examination of both eyes annually
  • We can evaluate your prosthetic eye or shells for cracks, defects and deposits
  • We recommend that your soft prosthetic contact lens be replaced annually
  • We recommend soft contact lens solutions to be used with your soft prosthetic contact lens
  • We offer full eye services for all your eye and visual needs

Contact Us

Call us today at 714.463.7580 to schedule your appointment.