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Grateful Patients

Vision Therapy Patient Success Stories

At the Studt Center for Vision Therapy, excellence in patient care, clinical education and research go hand in hand. Our patients and families often express their gratitude for this excellent care with a smile, a hug or even a handshake. That’s how we know we’re doing our job. Sometimes, patients and their families choose to express their gratitude through charitable gifts that help us care for more patients. If you would like to learn more about how you can make a gift, please contact Erika Bernal. If you would like to share your story with us, please email Silvia Han, OD.

Grateful Patient Testimonials

Marlena Tonelli    
Marlena Tonelli grateful patient story photo   “After struggling by re-reading lines over and over again and not remembering what I just read while studying hours on end for the Bar exam, it was time for vision therapy. After a few weeks of hard work, I started to notice my stamina increasing little by little. Fast forward a few months, I am embarking on my legal career with a set of eyes that finally work together. Thank you to all of the doctors, students, and staff, especially Dr. Huang, Desi, Danielle,
Kimberly and Brad for helping me achieve my goals and keeping VT FUN!"

The four cardinal rules of VT:
  1. Bring a smile
  2. Do your BEST
  3. Do your homework
  4. Don’t lose your equipment
Elvina Nguyen    
Elvina Nguyen grateful patient story photo   “I did not know my eye was out when I first came here. They had to do a little practice test on me, so it was fun and I like it here. Also the doctors were really nice. The doctors put some eye drops in my eyes, and the eye doctor told me that the other kids that came here before me screamed like crazy. Nick was funny and he makes me laugh when I do my eye practice here. Anne and Kayla were the best, they were really kind and they make me feel very joyful.
When I graduate, I will miss them and all of you guys. It makes me feel a little sad, but I will still be happy because it’s the right choice that I come here and I really love you guys. And Dr. Huang was the very best eye doctor ever!"

Katie Barnes
Katie Barnes grateful patient photo   “When I first visited the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health, I could not track well or read fast enough. Since I did my homework and attended VT every Saturday, I have improved in these areas. I notice my better reading in school. I just want to say thank you to vision therapy."

Charlize Seh
Charlize Seh   “Vision therapy has helped me by crossing and focusing my eyes. Vision therapy helped me so much so that I can focus more on people and also the most important person my teacher. My least favorite activity that I did at vision therapy is doing the beads with the string; I didn’t really like it because I had to bring my eyes in and make it clear too. My most favorite

activity I did at vision therapy is doing the letters and I had to read them. It was so fun to read the letters and it let me focus more on my family, teacher, and also my grandma and grandpa. I learned so much from vision therapy and it really helped me a lot on focusing, crossing, and one last important thing uncrossing. This vision therapy helped me a lot on everything with my eyes. Thank you vision therapy!” - Charlize Seh

“The biggest change that I have noticed since my daughter started vision therapy is the ability to control her eyes. She is able to focus her eyes from afar and up close. I have also noticed less movement of her eyes when she is looking at me during conversations. Her eyes stay fixed and focused. She has the ability to feel when her eye is turning out and bring it back in. Vision therapy has helped tremendously with building her muscles and training her eyes to focus and stay visibly aligned. I’d like to sincerely thank all the wonderful teachers we’ve had on this journey. I’m grateful to have selected Marshall B. Ketchum University for vision therapy.” -Charlize’s Mom

Kayla Vasquez    
Kayla Vasquez   “Thank you so much for helping me have better vision and teaching me how to control my eye problems. You have made my life better! Now I can read, write and learn without vision problems. Thanks to you I realized that I want to be an eye doctor and help kids with vision eye problems like me. Thank you so much for everything. You are the best!” - Kayla Vasquez

Kai Cephas
Kai Cephas   “Since starting vision therapy at the beginning of the year, Kai’s confidence in reading has grown. He will pick up a book and enjoy reading to others. He has been able to focus on words better and has started to read more phonetically correct. I have noticed that he doesn’t skip around on the page as much as he used to which is helping him tremendously. One of the biggest and most noticeable differences I that he is reading “environmentally.” He will read street signs
and business signs that he never seemed to even notice.” Kai’s Mom

Karly Mann
Karly Mann   Before vision therapy, I was seeing double, getting headaches from concentrating too much and losing focus. Since fifth grade, I have not liked to read for this reason. I am now in ninth grade and am happy to read for fun and for school, which is important as I head into high school. – Karly Mann

Esther Hong
Esther Hong   Before I came to vision therapy, I didn’t know my eyes were really bad. I went to my doctor because I couldn’t see really well. My doctor recommended the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health. I was happy because all the doctors I went to said they could not fix my eye problems, but the doctors at Ketchum Health said they could! I want to say thank you to the teachers who helped me. – Esther Hong

Noah Ogata
Noah Ogata   Before vision therapy, Noah would complain of frequent headaches and blurred vision. He would have outbursts when asked to complete homework assignments and would say that he was “tired.” We saw a drop in his language arts grade. Overall, he is an excellent student. When speaking with his teacher, she mentioned they were studying commas, apostrophes, etc. and that he was not placing the marks in the correct place. She also understood that if his vision were blurred, it would be a difficult task. She moved his seat closer and also allowed him to
lessen the number of required minutes to read each night. Since therapy, the outbursts have almost disappeared. He does not complain of headaches and his grade has improved. Noah plays basketball and his shooting has also improved. He has enjoyed therapy, especially the VT bucks and feels that sessions have helped. – Noah’s mom
Aubrey Lawrence    
Aubrey Lawrence   “I am good at puzzles now.  I can read books too.” – Aubrey Lawrence

“Aubrey started at the Center for Vision Therapy in August of 2014. She worked on her weekly homework between office visits on eye tracking, teaming, focus, and visual processing. We had noticed her avoidance of all seat work like writing, coloring, and reading. She had trouble reading and her handwriting was poor despite her great efforts. As therapy progressed, I noticed she added more fine details to her drawings, less rubbing of her eyes, she didn't tire as easily after doing seat work. Five months into therapy, Aubrey bought me a book she wanted to
read aloud to me - "Put Me in the Zoo" by P.D. Eastman - something she had never willingly done. She grew to enjoy bouncing balls, she improved in ballet, she started liking board games, puzzles, hidden pictures, and mazes - all things she never wanted to do before.  Words have started to "pop" out for her from street signs and books and her journaling produces clearer handwriting and longer sentences. Thank you vision therapy staff for all your help.” –Aubrey’s mom
Leah Gage    
Leah Gage   “When I started vision therapy, I was having headaches and losing my place when I read. It took me forever to do my homework and my handwriting was bad. Some of my letters were turned around and there were no spaces in between my words. Now I can see again and my grades have really improved.” – Leah Gage

“So many things have changed, my daughter's
headaches stopped and she's not turning her letters around anymore and there are no spaces in between her words when she writes. Best of all, her grades are A's and B's, no more D's and F's.  Thank you VT, it was hard work that paid off!” – Leah’s mom
Trevor Fochtman    
Trevor Fochtman   “Hi, my name is Trevor Fochtman. My eyes were pretty messed up before I came to vision therapy. Some of my symptoms were double vision and headaches. After just a couple weeks of vision therapy, I noticed a huge difference with my eyes. I was never able to hit a top corner shot in water polo before vision therapy, now I can! Thanks to vision therapy, I can also read without getting headaches. I want to give a special thanks to Elaine Ramos and
Austin Ofreneo for being such good teachers and people.” –Trevor Fochtman