Studt Center for Vision Therapy

Donald E. Studt, OD and his father, Walter O. Studt, OD are both graduates of the Southern California College of Optometry.

Dr. Donald E. Studt, OD   Firsthand experience cultivated a passion for the life-enhancing benefits of vision therapy for Dr. Donald Studt.  His father, Walter O. Studt, OD was a pioneer in vision therapy, a result of his desire to find an answer to why his son, with good visual acuity, was a poor student.  Dr. Don Studt’s own experience with vision training and his subsequent success would result in his practice being devoted to behavioral/developmental optometry.

“Good vision is more than seeing 20/20 . . .it is seeing without effort.”

  -Donald Studt, OD

The Studt Center for Vision Therapy at the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health is named after Dr. Donald E. Studt in acknowledgement of his contributions to the Center.